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English class about Human Rights and the writing marathon 7th grade

If you want to know what's the text on my wristbands about, scroll down.

Today is a special day!

It"s the day that we join the writing marathon of Amnesty International!
What does this mean?

It means we all will write letters to ask friendly to set imprisoned people free! Yes!
Today thousands of people around the globe will write these letters and they will send them to the prisons or leaders of the countries. And it realy helps. Last year people where set free thanks to the letters people wrote. Isn't that great?

First I will show you a bit more about Amnesty International. Click forward to this page. Let's see what they do:

That sounds interesting doesn't it! And how great is it, to be able to help a bit today?

But first I have a surprise for you.
To be able to write, we need some things, don't we?

I have received this box from Amnesty International and it's filled with everything we need for this marathon. I need some help from you now, to unbox what's in it.
I need an assistant....


And you all must ask my assistant this: "What’s in the box?"
My assistant will answer you: "In the box is….. three bundles of pens" for example.

Easy isn't it!

Let's do this!!

Well the box is empty now.  We all have received:
  1. paper;
  2. a pen;
  3. an example letter;
  4. a mail box;
  5. a placemat
It's time to start the writing. It's easy. Just copy the example letter and don't forget the adress in the left corner. You may use your own handwriting as long as we can read it. When you have finished your letter, fold it one time and put it in front of the mailbox please, so I can check the letters before sending them. We have about 10 minutes per letter.

I kindly thank you on behalf of the imprisoned people!

More information about this campain:

"alle mensen zij geboren in vrijheid en gelijkheid in waardigheid en rechten"

"en bewustzijn en zou moeten doen tegen elkaar in een geest van broederschap"

note: the children all have the English and translated lesson on a paper sheet during the lesson.

Miss Roos

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